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Recruitment's Rough Ride.

Over two million contractor’s work throughout the UK on a daily basis. Recruitment agencies provide a valuable link between the skilled professional and the end client. However, the odds are stacked against the recruitment agencies. Finding funds to pay a contractor before receiving payment from the end client places massive strain on cash flow. Not to mention the amount of paperwork and phone calls to make sure payments are made and invoices are paid.

How it Began...

Two recruiters frustrated with this situation decided to leave their jobs and start Sonovate. With the sole purpose of not just solving the problem for recruitment agencies but creating a new way to work, our co-founders and CEOs Richard Prime and Damon Chapple drew up some ground-rules for Sonovate:

  • Stripped back finance
  • Provide a tech platform that is friendly and simple to use
  • Create the best customer experience

Game Changer.

Today, the combination of stripped back finance, beautifully usable tech and amazing customer service makes Sonovate the fastest growing provider of finance to recruitment agencies in the UK. From our bases in Cardiff and London, we work with over 1,000 active clients and pay thousands of contractors weekly.

We’re proud to play our part in creating better solutions for SMEs and contractors, and we’re just getting started.


Our CEOs

Rich and Damon

Richard Prime

Richard has nearly two decades’ experience within the recruitment industry and in that time there isn’t much he hasn’t seen. Before setting up Sonovate, he was a board member of one of the largest recruitment companies in the world and was responsible for a number of brands across key territories. Building on his encounters with traditional finance providers, Richard has built Sonovate to cater exclusively for the contract market.

Damon Chapple

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After spending almost two decades in recruitment, Damon wanted to do something uniquely different. Having encountered all the barriers involved with financing and running contractors first hand, Damon set-up Sonovate to challenge the stagnant finance on offer and provide a new solution tailored specifically to the needs of the contract recruitment sector. Damon is using his experience of building businesses all over the world as a group director of a global recruitment brand, to drive Sonovate into the market transforming solution it is today.

Our Investors

Paul Birch

Paul Birch

Angel Investor

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