The UK will crest its highest point in hiring intentions for three years after a surge in confidence brought on by the Brexit window.

Businesses have entered a gold rush for talent in order to avoid any potential barriers that could arise in securing overseas professionals after a decision is agreed.

The report from ManPower Group suggests that hiring growth is anticipated to grow by 7% in the coming quarter with demand returning to financial services, utilities, and construction.

Demand for bricklayers and scaffolders which will feel the effects of overseas talent withdrawing, have seen their wages rise to £50,000 in some areas of the UK.

Largely responsible for the steep upturn in hiring confidence is the rapid rise of the utilities sector, which estimates putting 20,000 jobs on the map before 2020 and is creating entirely new sub-sectors that promise up to ten times these figures.

The Brexit itself has created a surge in demand for specialists within businesses that can help with the transition, especially for those with vested interested in both the EU and the UK.

Businesses appear to be following suit behind the global tech giants, which recently reaffirmed their confidence in the UK as an enduring global business capital by ramping up hiring intentions and plans for expansion.

The tech sector growth, which outpaces the wider economy, currently attracts 50% more searches than Germany, its closest rival within Europe and creates roles 50% quicker than the European average.

It houses 745,000 of Europe’s 4.7m professional developer community, which is why securing a pipeline to talent is essential to the continued prosperity of one of our nation’s greatest successes.