Struggling to find their contact details, understand Boolean search or find that insightful article you read earlier?

We’ve put together a set of virtual Allen keys to help make recruiters lives that little bit easier.

By equipping your recruiters with the best online tools on the market they can work faster, smarter and in doing so, deliver more.

Sourcing tools:


Anything that’s used by 30% of Fortune 100 companies and lists Microsoft and Apple among their endorsers is worth considering.

It’s a nifty AI engine that scours social media and the web to find a number or email contact for you.


If you’re tired of Google Ads appearing in your email sidebar then you can replace them with a snapshot of the recipients’ details.

See who they are, what they do, where they can be found and who your mutual connections might be.


Similar to ContactOut but without the engine to source emails. Albeit, better equipped at piecing together a contact’s online footprint through websites, blogs and social media.


A catalogue of coding challenges that can be customised for your candidates. Bear in mind that over two million developers use HackerRank to improve their skills.

It comes equipped with a video platform for interviewing coders that supports voice, video and chat in a simple browser.


Remove the confusion from Boolean search so that recruiters no longer need to pair together ANDs, ORs and NOTs.

It also extends your search across fifteen different social sites.

Research & curation tools:

Sharing valuable content with your network is a soft entrance to discussions and positions yourself as a thought leader in the sector.

Pocket allows you to store articles of interest to revisit at a later date.

RSS feeds & Tailored news

RSS feeds might be a bit outdated but if you’re looking to be a thought leader on your industry you’ll need to digest a huge amount of news. RSS feeds can be a good way to do this.

Dynamic news boards like Flipboard and Zest allow you to personalise your incoming news so that every article is tailored to your interests.


A simple typo in an introductory email can affect your entire credibility in a serious business discussion.

Grammarly is an online sub-editor that keeps your writing on point and free from mistakes.

Google docs

A free cloud storage space that allows you to easily create and collaborate over presentations, spreadsheets and written documents.


If you’re after a simple infographic or an image to accompany your social message, then Canva offers the quick wins for those with limited design skills.


Capture live footage of an event and upload to your social platforms.

Dragon Dictation

Ever thought you would be able to write a report whilst driving or on-the-go?

With a digital dictation device you can populate spreadsheets, write reports and post updates all hands-free.



A real-time messaging service that creates an ongoing conversation with co-workers that can be split into channels and departments. 

Slack is a faster and more effective way to collaborate and has picked up the attention of Amazon in a $9bn takeover bid.

Streak / Mixmax

The real value of email lies in the journey it sets you on which is why recruiters need to know who’s opening, reading and engaging with their emails.

If you’re looking further into where email meets inbound we suggest taking a look at automated platforms like Hubspot, Jumplead and Autopilot.


After partnering with Sequoia in a $100m funding round it’s no surprise they market themselves as the primary player in the video conferencing scene.

Zoom offers flawless integration across all devices enabling meetings, interviews, webinars and multiple party conferences.

Typeform / QualarooSurveyMonkey

Are you getting the feedback and engagement that you need to drive decisions?

Whether it’s quick dynamic questioning or in-depth market research – these streamlined surveys and quizzes provide you with the insight you need.


A customisable dashboard that can broadcast your live metrics, KPIs and goals for the office to see.

Having a visual counter is one way to keep the carrot and stick going in recruitment and keeps everyone moving in the same direction.

Organisation  Securing meetings with decision makers can cause deals to slip through the cracks. 

Avoid this by stamping your calendar to your website and the ability to directly book a meeting along with it.


A digital notebook that allows you to pin good ideas, images, scribbles and numbers to revisit later.


Recruiters are often criticised for their lack of contact which Boomerang helps address by streamlining your inbox.

Attach a read receipt to emails, receive a reminder to follow-up where necessary and schedule your outgoing messages at prime times.


An online bulletin board that keeps a tidy overview of your ongoing projects.

Social media management tools

For multiple social accounts and engagement you need a control room to distribute it from. Buffer is an effective and economic option.


IF THIS THEN THAT is a conditional statement used on the web.

Remove the time you spend in repetitive tasks by automating what will always warrant the same response.


Google Analytics

You can measure just about everything with Google Analytics… if you have the patience to learn how.

  • Who’s coming to your site?
  • From where?
  • What are they searching?
  • What are they engaging with?
  • How long are they staying?
  • What’s working and what’s not?

Here’s a list of customised dashboards that can help you explain your traffic and acquisition.

Google Search Console

A reliable way to speed up your site and discover the SEO capabilities you could be capitalising on.

Seek out the sage advice of Neil Patel on this.