Financing your contractor book can be a challenge. For Gerrell & Hard, their interim solution to cash flow problems was no longer working so they came to Sonovate for a sustainable alternative...

Joel Hard and Nick Gerrell, co-directors of Gerrell & Hard, initially overcame their cash flow difficulties by partnering with other agencies. In return for splitting the margin, these agencies would facilitate the payroll of their contractors.

This was a temporary solution to a permanent problem. It let them to focus on their clients but their margin suffered as a result. They therefore searched the market for a more sustainable solution.

When they approached Sonovate, they outlined exactly what they needed to enable their growth as an agency. It was the dedication of the Sonovate team that won them over. Receiving immediate, 100% invoice profit was the icing on the cake.

"Once we met with Richard, it was obvious Sonovate would be a great long-term partner for us. It’s allowed us to grow our contract base and sustainable revenue significantly.”

Sonovate gives Joel and Nick access to a viable revenue source that, together with a streamlined process which removes the typical contract admin headaches, they haven’t found elsewhere on the market.

Sonovate is the only solution designed exclusively with the concerns of the modern contract recruiter in mind. Sonovate expertly manages the financing and running of contractors and allows agencies like Gerrell & Hard to focus on what they do best.

“It genuinely feels like we’ve found a trusted partner... The speed at which we can now engage a new client, get finance approved, and place the paperwork in a contractor's hand is simply fantastic.”