Harrington Starr was searching for a partner who understood the big picture of contractor recruitment, but could also provide intelligent technology to help simplify the process. Find out how Sonovate helped them...

Harrington Starr launched as a perm focused brand in 2010. However, they saw the potential for growth within the lucrative contractor market, and, in 2013, their contract book started to grow rapidly.

By the end of 2014 Tony Babb, Director of Harrington Star, realised that the traditional financier that they were using was unable to provide the kind of back office management the agency depended on.

Harrington Starr specialise in supplying talent in the fintech space and deal with some of the fastest growing brands in the UK. As a result they were particularly keen to work with a partner that understood high levels of customer service, while also providing a strong tech solution that could simplify their contract management.

"To gain a competitive advantage we have always chosen and looked to work with the very best suppliers and most innovative technology available, which Sonovate specialise in.”

It was this unique combination that ultimately convinced Harrington Starr. Truly understanding the pain points of modern contractor recruitment means that Sonovate have been able to deliver a resilient solution that adds value instantly to businesses like Harrington Starr.

“Having been in the industry and truly understanding the pain points involved, Sonovate have massively exceeded our expectations and we are excited to see them build a genuinely world class business.”