Building a business is hard. Juggling admin and billing is no easy task. Sonovate works with Samuel Frank Associates to ensure they stay focused on managing relationships. See how we achieve this partnership…

Andrew Longfellow, Director of Samuel Frank Associates, came on board with Sonovate in 2012. His agency was just starting up and his time was being needlessly used up with the paperwork involved in running contractors.

He was looking for a solution that could provide something more than what the traditional banks had to offer. He needed something more than finance with strings attached.

"Back when I started my business I spent a lot of time issuing and sorting contracts and chasing people for money. These tasks were eating into the time I needed to focus on recruiting and growth."

By partnering with Sonovate, Andrew can now directly access this growth while still running his contract book. Sonovate gives him access to unlimited contract finance as well as taking care of his agency’s back office.

That means more time for him to grow his business safe in the knowledge that his contract business is being run by a platform that has the needs of recruiters engineered directly into it.

"At first I was concerned that Sonovate would be just another impersonal online portal but this wasn’t the case at all. Because the founders come from a recruitment background.”

Sonovate is the only provider to truly meet the needs of today’s recruiter. By offering a bespoke, fully insured, contract finance model with an industry leading cloud platform to oversee the production of agencies back-offices, Sonovate continues to set the standard for funding and payment in the contract market.