Canadian fintech companies, OutsideIQ, Q4 and Zafin, who visited the UK have announced new investment in the UK. Part of a delegation of 12 fintech companies, organised by the Department for International Trade (DIT), the newly funded companies are anticipated to create around 150 jobs.

With aims to utilise their UK presence to grow and expand market share, OutsideIQ develops investigative cognitive computing solutions, Q4 is the fastest growing provider of cloud-based capital solutions and Zafin’s award-winning platform, miRevenue, helps banks integrate products into one solution.

The UK continues to be distinguished for its fintech success with £525 million invested into the sector in 2015. As UK fintech companies continue to transform financial services with innovative technology, greater investment is likely to follow in the future.

The fintech market continues to attract huge funding and shows great promise in the UK, this is exhibited within our chart with fintech firms dominating the top ten London-based tech companies.

Mereo Biopharma, a new speciality biopharmaceutical company dominate the chart with a massive funding of $119 million, whilst Ezbob, a business e-lender followed with $109.7 million. Sirin Labs and Starling Bank follow with $97 million and $70 million respectively, following on with Moogsoft ($51.3 million).

The statistics were sourced using Mattermark.

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