Frequently Asked Questions.

Who owns the contract with client and candidate?

The agency owns the contract with both the client and candidate and has complete control over all negotiations, relationship development and extensions to placements.

Who owns the turnover?

The agency owns 100% of the turnover.

How does an agency receive payment?

A week after a timesheet has been approved Sonovate will pay the agency 100% of their profit. Sonovate will generate all relevant invoices required for accounting purposes.

What happens with late paying clients?

Sonovate has a process for dealing with late payment and works with the agency to secure a positive outcome.

What happens with bad debt?

All placements funded by Sonovate include Bad Debt Protection, designed to protect agencies from the impact of unpaid invoices.

Do Sonovate provide Terms & Conditions?

Yes, Sonovate provide industry approved contract terms that agencies are free to use. Agencies can also use their own terms or their client terms if they wish.

Can I fund permanent placements via Sonovate?

No. Sonovate is designed 100% for contract placements.

Are there any restrictions if an agency leaves?

No. Agencies simply give 30 days notice of their intention to leave.

Can Sonovate fund contracts internationally?

Yes. We currently fund a number of contracts around the world.

Does Sonovate take a stake in agencies?

No. Sonovate never has and never will require a stake in any agency.

Can multiple users access a Sonovate account?

Yes. An agency can have as many users who can access the system as they like.

Each user can also be given different permissions so they can only view and access certain areas of the Sonovate app.

How is the money collected from the client?

Sonovate invoices and collects payment on behalf of the agency.

If there's anything we haven't covered, call or ask us a question.