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The Simplest Way to Fund Contractors

Contract recruitment demands enough of your time and energy, without having to worry about cashflow and paperwork.

Sonovate is the smartest solution to help you overcome these challenges.

What We Do

Sonovate gives you unrestricted finance and an award winning back office, so you have more time to make placements and cash to grow your business faster.

We pay you 100% of your invoice profit for every placement you run through Sonovate. And we also manage all the admin for you.

What We Offer That Other Financiers Don't

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We pay 100% of your profit into your bank account, each week.

Icon Contract

We have no setup costs, no trading restrictions, no additional fees.

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A rolling contract, with a 30-day notice period.

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We truly understand the intricacies of your business.

Everything your business needs.
This is the Sonovate experience.

More Profit, Paid Faster

Receive more profit, quicker than ever before. We pay you 100% of your invoice profit weekly.

Simply Effortless

Sonovate is minimum input, maximum output. Add a placement to your account and we manage the rest.

Funding in Minutes, Not Days

It’s incredibly quick and hassle free to get started with Sonovate. No personal guarantees or setup costs. And no long term commitments. Just a rolling contract and 30-day notice period.

Because You Have Better Things to Do

Your time is better spent on revenue generating activities than chasing timesheets, invoicing and credit control. We do everything for you, from credit checks to payments.

Your Brand, Centre Stage

For all your placements, everything from contracts to timesheets are fully branded as your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Sonovate require personal guarantees?

No. We’ve removed personal guarantees, so you’re not out of pocket if an agency doesn’t pay.

When will I be registered with a debenture?

A debenture is only registered when you are running five or more contractors. Unlike a lot of financiers, you have the freedom to try Sonovate without the weight of a debenture on your shoulders.

How and when do I get paid?

Sonovate pay your invoice profit to you in the same week an invoice is raised, directly into your nominated bank account.

What’s the minimum contract length?

Unlike other financiers, we don’t see the benefit of long-term contracts. We offer contracts on a rolling basis. And our notice period is strictly 30 days.

How much will it cost me to use Sonovate?

You pay one fee, which is a percentage of your total invoice value. There are no additional fees with Sonovate.

What other fees do you charge?

None. We want recruitment agencies to get the best possible deal. You will not incur any setup, hidden or additional fees.

The only charge you may have to pay is a CHAPs payment, as this falls outside our normal scope of work. In the event that you require a same day transfer for you or your contractor, you will be charged £16.

What about bad debt?

Sonovate has bad debt protection to ensure safe trading at all times. This is included in your package, so you don’t need to seek out your own non-recourse facility. Sonovate’s safeguarded against bad debt, so you have peace of mind.

Can you fund internationally?

Yes. We fund a number of clients who trade internationally. We can accommodate multiple bank accounts for different currencies.


What we really benefit from is the flexibility that Sonovate offers. Sonovate’s pay-as-you-go kind of service means we can access funding when we need it. It is also reassuring to know that Sonovate knows how critical cash flow is for small businesses.

Damian Navas
Haig & Co

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