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50 hottest UK gaming companies you need to know

With forecasts for the global gaming market to grow from $91.8bn to $118.6bn by 2019, 2016 is an exciting time to be a Gaming recruiter.

The immense success of Pokemon Go – which took a lot of people by surprise, including this year’s Develop annual game developer conference held in Brighton – shows just how fast the industry moves and resulted in Nintendo’s stock to hugely jump. It has also opened up new revenue streams – as evidenced by businesses increasing their customer base by bidding to have Pokemon characters in and around their location.

The UK Gaming market is incredibly creative and diverse, using an array of skills, innovation and cutting edge technology. With great games reaching massive global success, such as GTA 5, Monument Valley and Batman: Arkham City, the UK Gaming industry is a £4.2bn market.

The music industry is split between ‘major’ labels and ‘indie’ labels and gaming is not too dissimilar. In a recent article in the Guardian which addressed the rise of indie studios – Hannah Flynn, communications director at Failbetter Games (Fallen London, Sunless Sea), thinks that one important way for indie teams to grow is to hire a marketer. “So many indie studios have closed in the past year for want of a marketer on their staff,” she said. “When looking to hire a second artist or developer, I’d advise even small studios to think for the long term and hire someone in communications to grow their audience.”

“This data shows the increasing strength of the games market and confident consumer growth in our industry. We’re pleased to see the market soar to nearly £4.2bn for the first time, which is a result of the constant creative and technological innovation in the UK industry, which makes our consumer market extremely strong.”
Jo Twist, CEO of Ukie (UK’s Gaming Trade Body)

This year, Virtual Reality (VR) is also making its grand entrance, creating a new category of its own, strengthening the already healthy and growing Gaming industry. A new report from SuperData Research, estimated that game developers will have a global audience of 55.8 million VR users and produce 38.9 million VR devices in 2016. Radically changing the way we live, from immersive theatre and 360-degree experience of the Rio Olympics to fostered empathy for the homeless, the new technology is already adopted by many and doesn’t intend on stopping here.

Microsoft’s still-under-development HoloLens indeed introduces Mixed Reality, using holograms to incorporate Gaming items into our environment (living-room, street, etc.) – a mix of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in a way. Pokemon Go lovers are already getting highly impatient over it, but Mixed Reality will also be used for various purposes, such as airline’s flight crews and mechanics training (already announced by Japan Airlines). Watch this space as these new technologies are set to boost the economy and the recruitment market radically!

According to Ukies, there are 1,902 video game companies in the UK, 95% of which are micro or small businesses, with an average of 49 employees. Overall, these companies support around 12,100 employees, including 9,400 in development, 900 in publishing and 1,800 in retail.

Sonovate has compiled a list of the 50 hottest UK Gaming companies recruiters need to know this year, based on their overall potential, on the investment they attract and on their current and future recruitment activity. From small startups to bigger studios already acquired by Gaming giants, discover who is shaping the lucrative UK Gaming market – download your copy below.

Hot 50 | UK gaming companies

The UK’s gaming industry is estimated to be worth £3.86bn – more than video and music combined.

With more than 20,000 full time jobs, the UK’s gaming industry is going from strength to strength.

Get the list of 50 businesses shaping the next generation of gaming today.

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