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A year in recruitment will change you

Most top billers will admit they fell into recruitment having never really considered it as a career path.

For recent graduates it might be intended as a stop gap, a recommendation, or an attractive way to start paying off some of that university debt.

It offers fast-progression, big rewards with low barriers, and an exciting life. For those that don’t fall foul to the high churn rate, a year in recruitment will change you.

You become a career chameleon

The best recruiters need to be a salesman and shrink in equal measure, a career counsellor, business analyst, and an industry expert.

They’re dedicated researchers and investigative reporters and possess the ability to become micro-experts in several roles and niches.

You realise the power of good marketing

So you joined as a trainee billing consultant learning on the job with the belief that within a year, if you graft, you might just be taking home £100,000.

Your first night out and you’ll realise that the on-target-earnings prospect was a very well engineered pipedream. Unless you’re the Jordan Belfort of your year it’s unlikely you’ll hit anywhere near this, not that it’s impossible.

You do however get an insight into a career where you control your potential earnings… and plenty of expensed nights out.

You come out of your shell

Working in an open plan office with 70 other recruiters and the Managing Director within earshot leaves little space for shrinking violets.

Most veterans will remember their time at the coal face cold calling and the initial fear of getting on the phones. They’ll also recall how quickly that fell away after the first hundred or so calls they made in their first week.

There’s no place for timidity in the world of recruitment as you need to be proactive, influential, and hungry. You soon find out whether you fit the mould.

Life gets a little faster

When the success of your working life is tied up in juggling decision makers and deadlines and pushing the sales process along, it’s hard to not carry that into your personal life.

Especially when the long office hours and networking continue well into the evenings. It can become a lifestyle that makes it difficult to live at two speeds, so you end up permanently occupying the fast lane.

Everything becomes a sale

You start haggling over the cost of a haircut or trimming the pound off the price of a round in the pub. Every objection handled is practice for the front line of recruiting.

You find your inner calm

If you don’t find a way to balance the stresses of recruiting then you won’t last. It’s a simple reality that if you don’t find a way of coping with the stress of recruitment you’ll fall into the high churn rate the industry has.

However, it means you’re better equipped to deal with stressful situations when they do arise.

You get a taste for success

If you have a knack for sales then you’ll soon see money and rewards that you might not have seen before. You realise it’s all attainable and that it’s there for the taking.

It’s a career without limits where hard work pays off.

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