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Are your recruitment kpis actually insane?

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result, which raises some concern over the health of the outdated recruiter.

Recruiters might tell you that the pressure of KPIs can drive you crazy, but, what happens when the KPIs themselves have lost all sensibility?

Too many agencies stand by antiquated ideas and believe the reason they’re not delivering success is simply a case of too little being poured into the pot! Out come the sticks, the phones get ringing and the results inch forward as the morale slides backward.

Volume is not always the best route to results. Take cold calling for instance and you’ll see that for every 100 calls only one meeting is secured.

Are you sacrificing the actions that actually contribute to placing people because you’re hell bent on hitting metrics or unable to assign a value to the action?

Time to take a step back?

Take a step back from the phone and apply some metrics to the targeted research you’re doing and see how your call rates might plummet but your meetings will rise.

The worth of a recruiter is in their ability to supply the candidates that others can’t. What they can provide that others simply couldn’t even if they had the time.

What metrics have you attached to sourcing the candidates that don’t respond to mailshots, cold calls, job ads or any of the traditional KPI metrics?

There are so many metrics within the recruitment industry and the last thing managers want to do is swamp their teams with targets, especially those that come at the cost of the bigger picture.

Some managers fall foul of enforcing vanity metrics like expanding your LinkedIn connections or conducting searches, which do little to secure the goal if they’re not the right connections.

The same with the number of inmails sent, which unless they’re getting engagement, are pretty pointless… even detrimental to future contact.

Have you done the legwork to know they want to hear what you’re saying?

Break down the journey and assign a value to how many LinkedIn searches were made, profiles viewed, and touch points used to send the inmails that actually gained engagement.

Your KPIs need to start with the end goal in mind and work backward to understand the actions that actually contribute.

Ten recruitment KPIs you need to know

Do you know why you’re successful?

These ten metrics will give you all the insight you need to unlock further growth.

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