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Fifteen Things you Overhear in Recruitment

Every recruiter has their own patter but sitting in an office with them all day a few phrases leave a lasting impression.

Here’s a shortlist of our favourites and your checklist for recruitment bingo the next time your manager takes to the floor to deliver a Belfort esque speech.

“I’ll be honest with you”

Sounds a little like you’re suggesting you haven’t been and that this is somehow a privilege?

“Skills shortages”

The record broke a few years ago on this one. Engineers and doctors don’t grow on trees, so we know there are shortages.

“Bird shit placement”

A personal favourite and one that had to make the cut to describe those lucky placements that fall from the sky.

“Reach out”

Stolen from our American cousins it’s now reached our shores.

“I had trials for…”

It’s uncanny how many semi-professional footballers ended up in the same industry.

“Power hour”

Not the drinking game but the dedicated core calling time that’s so integral to recruitment.

“Passive candidates”

Everybody’s a passive candidate that’s not actively looking, they just don’t know it yet.

“Can’t polish a t**d”

Trying to make a poor candidate look good is difficult but the best recruiters can always roll them in glitter.

“Think outside the box”

Firstly ask why they’re thinking in a box, then suggest that those in business should never limit their progress by sticking only to what they know.

“Churn and burn”

Good recruitment’s about finding the best candidate for the position not a warm body for the role.

“Work hard, play hard”

Recruitment’s a meritocratic industry where hard work really pays off. Some may have seen a few too many viewings of Wolf of Wall Street.

“Low hanging fruit”

Taking the easy business that’s accessible and growing the slow-burners.

“It’s not War and Peace”

So it’s readable.

“Put a face to the name”

You might have their LinkedIn picture in front of you but it’s still good to meet in person.

“It’s a no-brainer”

It had to make the list.

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