The benefits of export finance are widespread, it can help numerous organisations to expand their reach to new international markets.

More specifically, export finance offers:

  • The ability to expand overseas while maintaining cashflow
  • Fast access to liquidity
  • Scalability for growing companies
  • Global support for international transactions


How can recruitment firms use export finance?

There are two typical use cases for export finance in the recruitment sector:

Firstly, international invoice finance can help UK companies with overseas subsidiaries fund any international invoices they may have. For example, if you have a recruitment agency in the UK with a subsidiary branch in the U.S, you can use international invoice finance to fund national or international invoices from that branch.

Secondly, invoice financing can help fund any international invoices within the UK. If you are a global recruitment agency working with international clients, you can use export invoice financing to fund outstanding invoices.


How does Sonovate help with Export finance?

Sonovate helps your business overseas by offering the financing and structure you need to run international operations. We have funded over £2.75bn in invoices in more than 40 different countries, helping our customers to grow their business to new heights.

Our standard offer for large or smaller sized firms includes receivable funding of up to 100% for UK, export and international subsidiary receivables. We do not require concentration limits, nor impose export funding caps. We have specific US domiciled LLC and Inc funding solutions and structures available. Our embedded bad debt protection includes protracted default.

Thanks to our easy-to-use AI integrated platform, you can manage your contractors and keep a close eye on the status of your cash flow. We service our customers through dedicated strategic relationship managers and operational teams to support dynamic growth.

Instead of worrying about communication barriers or chasing payments, you can focus on expanding your business whilst we take responsibility for collecting your payments. You’ll have higher cash availability and more free time to increase your revenue and fuel your growth.

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