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How to motivate your recruiters through the january blues

With the festivities now behind us and ‘Blue Monday’ fast approaching, January can lapse into a notoriously sluggish month where motivation falls by the wayside for recruiters.

With a third of the workforce looking to move jobs this January, agencies need to avoid easing back into work at all costs.

We provided some suggestions to inject morale back into your team and capitalise on the January job exodus.

The speech

Kick-off the year with the most senior staff member touching on the successes and accomplishments of 2016 and outlining their expectations of the team in the year ahead.

This is an opportunity to reinforce the company’s mission statement and your team’s involvement in it. Deliver some clear timeframes around the agency’s roadmap and quantify your expectations, so there’s no confusion over what needs to be achieved in 2017.

January can be a tough time for staff retention with dissatisfied workers using the New Year as a line in the sand for change. It’s a two-way street where your recruiters will coax those with one foot out of the door into better roles, and you provide your top billers with enough reason to stay.

Opportunities from the Brexit

Hiring intentions amongst UK businesses crested its highest point in three years as businesses look to make hay while the sun is shining and capitalise on the Brexit window.

Uncertainty of how the chips will fall were shelved in the closing quarter of 2016, as businesses intensify efforts in Q1 to hire overseas talent and fill skilled roles before any potential barriers are put in place.

See the five sectors primed for recruitment growth in 2017, including an emerging field with promise of 150,000 jobs.

Set incentives

A simple way to get your team motivated is to have January specific incentives that are going to ensure they exceed their targets.

With the post-Christmas blues weighing heavily on teams, nothing boosts morale and productivity like the prospect of a short break come the end of the month.

New challenges

The beginning of the year is always the most trying for staff retention, and the cost of replacing and training a top biller can create a hole that will really cut into your agency’s bottom line.

Recruiters are more likely to remain loyal to a company if they feel appreciated publicly and rewarded financially.

Ensuring they are challenged and have new targets that exceed their personal heights of 2016 are a good way to keep them engaged. That and share options, offers of directorship, are a good way of keeping them through the January wilderness.

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