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What your linkedIn photo says about you?

This article was published way back in 2014.

While you're welcome to read it, some of the information may have changed.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then as the front of your professional shop window, you best make sure your LinkedIn portrait is saying the right things.

First impressions matter. According to LinkedIn 80% of employers vet candidates through the site and spend more time hovering over pictures than viewing skills and experience. We might be averse to admit it but we make judgements, especially in business.

There are very few actual rules surrounding your picture apart from that it remains in-keeping with LinkedIn’s general code of conduct; it depicts a headshot and is a likeness of yourself.

Just because something is allowed does not mean it’s a good idea. Here are our pointers to LinkedIn photo etiquette.

Be professional

It’s not Facebook or Tinder, this is a network for advertising your professional skills and services. Tailor your picture accordingly to the job you either work in, or aspire to work in.

Be industry specific

Industries promote different appearances so the standard dressed to the nines suit and tie profile is not always going to resonate with the right audience. If you work in a creative industry or the tech space, more approachable and smart-casual may be more appropriate.

Be clear

LinkedIn suggest that profiles with pictures are seven times more likely to be engaged with than those without, which is why it’s important to make them as clear as possible.

Ensure it’s a recent picture that is not pixelated, zoomed out, has multiple people in it, or has a beer glass hovering in the periphery from a poor attempt at cropping.

Be on brand

Despite LinkedIn foremostly being a network for connecting with the individual, If you currently work at a company then remember you are a brand ambassador for the business, so should be in-keeping with the appearance they try to promote.

Be approachable

This is your first chance to entice prospective employers, candidates or clients, so endeavour to appear as inviting and welcoming as you can.

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