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What you need to know about Hire by Google

After an 18 month wait, Hire by Google is finally set for release in the UK.

Launched in September 2017, Hire is Google’s own recruitment and applicant management system. Part of the G suite package, Hire is designed for SMEs, with pricing starting around $100 per month (UK pricing TBC).

Working in tandem with Google for Jobs, Google’s continued development in the recruitment tech-space makes for interesting viewing.

We’ve listed everything you need to know about Hire by Google.

What is Hire by Google?

Google stated that they were going to revolutionise the job search process. Google Hire is an applicant tracking system (ATS) that helps SMEs to distribute jobs, identify and attract candidates, build strong relationships with candidates, and efficiently manage the interview process.

Why is it useful?

Candidates often turn to Google first when starting their search and looking for jobs.

With Google being one of the most valuable companies in the world, it has a lot of capital to put behind product development. Hire by Google has many features and integrations:

  • Post jobs to multiple job sites
  • Capture and track applicants seamlessly
  • Manage candidates throughout the recruiting process
  • Collaborate with hiring teams through chat
  • Recruit from your inbox with Hire’s Gmail Add-on
  • Streamline candidate communication with email templates integrated with Gmail
  • Schedule interviews faster with simple Google calendar integration
  • Easily capture interview feedback with auto-reminders for interviewers
  • Integrate seamlessly with G Suite, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive, Docs, Hangouts and Sheets
  • Search past candidates and rediscover great prospects for new job openings
  • Access reports for easy analysis throughout the recruiting process

By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the platform aims to make hiring faster, simplified and smarter. Could all this automation make this the most advanced ATS system available on the market?

One of the reasons it’s just getting the go-ahead in the UK is down to GDPR. Google wanted to make the product 100% compliant before launching the platform in the UK.

Berit Hoffmann, senior product manager of Hire commented: “The reason it’s taken so long for Google to launch its Hire platform in the UK is that it had to ensure all of its features were GDPR-compliant. The company explained that its taken a long time coming, but now it ticks all the compliance boxes, Hire’s rollout across Europe will be much smoother.”

What impact will it have on the market?

Google has access to vast amounts of data. Google can track your digital footprint, including, what you search, where you travel to and what you purchase. Google set out to organise the world’s information – now they want to sell it to you. Data is key for Google, and with the launch of Hire by Google, it’s only going to increase the amount of data they have access to.

Google claims that the automation of recruitment tasks such as interview scheduling, together with the potential to analyse applicant tracking data, will help organisations hire a more diverse workforce.

Could this new product be a direct competitor to Microsoft’s LinkedIn?

Can you see Google dominating the job search process with Google for Jobs and Hire by Google? It is possible. Purely due to how easy Google have made it. You’d never need to leave their search engine.

Although they’re a late entrant to the recruitment software market, Google’s ‘wait-and-see’ approach has been evident with their recent entrance to travel and flight aggregator space. Google is more than capable of having an impact on a $554 billion market. With so much cash at their disposal, they can easily gain more and more influence, and worst-case scenario they could end up going down the M&A route and acquiring smaller competitors.


Hire by Google could have huge potential in the UK. The search engine giant already has a big influence on the way we search for jobs. The launch of Google for Jobs announced Google’s intention to improve the hiring process for candidates and we think Google Hire can have the same impact. Only time will tell.


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