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Recruiters get social to identify ‘actively passive’ candidates

A new survey has found that candidates are not simply split into two categories: those who are actively looking for a job and those who are passive. When LinkedIn users were asked how they would describe themselves, 41 per cent fall into a group commonly called the ‘actively passive’.

While not visibly seeking a new position, these candidates are nevertheless curios about potential job opportunities. It is often said that passive candidates are more appealing than those who are actively searching; the challenge for recruiters is in identifying these curious candidates.

An integrated approach to networking and social media is essential if recruiters are to distinguish between those who are passive but curious and those who are just not interested. This is time-consuming but important work. Richard Prime, co-founder of Sonovate, comments on this networking investment:

‘At Sonovate we recognise the need for a mix of direct, traditional recruiting methods and a digital approach through social media. LinkedIn has transformed recruitment, and is an invaluable tool; but other networks like Yammer, which we offer our Associate Businesses, is also very useful to recruiters.’

Prime concludes: ‘With the support that Sonovate offers in dealing with back office administration, recruiters have more time to build up invaluable social network to supplement their other recruitment routes.’

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