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Top 10 edtech start-ups to watch

According to ONS (Office for National Statistics), the UK population will reach 67,359,600 by 2020 – an annual growth rate of 0.58% every year! With the growing numbers of children and teachers, the education sector is exploring ways to deliver learning digitally, whilst maintaining closeness and human-touch.

With Edtech taking the market by storm (Techworld), see the top 10 Edtech startups to keep an eye on in the UK.

1. RefMe

They provide a platform on which students can quickly add citations from a single book bar-code and generate bibliographies. It continues to be extremely popular with students as it makes it easier to compile a list of references for assignments. They have obtained £3.75 million worth of VC-funding.

2. Technology Will Save Us

They aim to sell toys to children so that kids can learn to build and code themselves. By integrating hardware and software skills within the toys, more children will be interested in the tech sector in the future. They have received £1.2 million funding since 2015.

3. Gojimo

They aim to focus on students by providing an exam revision platform. The platform is accessible on the web, additionally it is perfectly suited to students as it is available as an app on iOS and Android. In-app purchases can also be bought for those who desire premium content from publishers like McGraw-Hill Education and Oxford University Press. They have previously raised over £630,000.

4. Proversity

They aim to provide the education aspect to the corporate world for the training and development of employees. The platform provides a learning domain to study within a programme, which is structured depending on the employer’s requirements. The content can range from simple to complex methods of learning and assessment. They aim to raise further VC-funding as they expand into new countries and markets.

5. Memrise

They provide a language learning platform, fortified by learning reinforcements like tests and reminders for continuous engagement. It is believed that they have figured the science behind learning a language, establishing more than $4.5 million worth of funding.

6. Firefly

They aim to simplify the process teachers go through in school to keep up with giving out and marking homework. It integrates with school systems to simplify the use of the platform easily by both students and teachers. They have avoided obtaining VC-funding, but the platform is already used within 300 schools in the UK.

7. Show My Homework

They provide students, teachers and parents a platform to view and store online resources, homework and reports. The platform allows schools to push towards becoming paperless. More than 1500 schools use the platform worldwide.

8. Wonde

They provide a platform for schools to view and manage their data. In addition, the Cambridge-based company allows schools to adjust accessibility settings of their data, entailing the security of school’s data.

9. Knowledgemotion

They primarily provide a boclips platform, which entails a video library for educational functions. Education providers are able to find, license and use videos with Knowledgemotions’s product. They have obtained VC-funding of approximately £1.2 million and have signed a supply deal with well-known education content publishers, Pearson.

10. Pobble

They provide a platform for children on which they can publish their writing to a global audience. It is aimed to encourage young writers to open their work to a wider audience and has provided a version for schools which includes traceable metrics. They have gained funding of £900,000 in Feb 2016, in addition to their crowdfunding capital of £170,000.

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