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Fintech recruitment business takes on the global market


Taking on the global recruitment market is no mean feat. Recruiting style differs from country to country, and there’s an abundance of agencies already set up in the area.

One London agency, however, has risen to the challenge and successfully branched out overseas.

Founded in 2010 by master recruiter, Toby Babb, Harrington Starr originally started as a team of four in a small room in London. Seven years later and they are dominating the UK recruitment industry, as well as making their mark internationally.

On top of serving the UK, Harrington Starr work with clients from countries across the world, including Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Switzerland, Dubai and Brazil, amongst others. Further to this, they added to their broad global footprint in the latter part of 2016, setting up shop across the pond in New York.

Toby believes that people are the key to Harrington Starr’s success. He said:

“I genuinely believe the sole thing around how we’ve grown, and how we’re going to continue to grow, is based around the people we bring into this business. If you hire the right people who are passionate about the industry and your brand, your business will thrive.”

Whatever the cause of their success is, it’s clear that Harrington Starr are continuously evolving and expanding, taking the recruitment world by storm. They’ve recently launched a group of companies to support the ever-increasing demand for their services.

To help them accommodate the additional workload, Harrington Starr have partnered up with, the UK’s leading invoice financier for recruitment businesses. Toby explained why he decided to bring Sonovate onboard, saying:

“I really liked Sonovate and the whole disruptive element that they were looking to bring to the sector. I love working with companies, like Sonovate, that like taking ideas and feedback from companies they work with, to influence and expand their offering.”

Adding Sonovate to their business has given Harrington Starr the time and money they need to conquer their global expansion plan. Toby added:

“I have complete trust in Sonovate, their cool, ever evolving technology, and the detailed data we can get from our personalised online portal. Knowing my team can get on with their jobs without having any difficulties makes me happy. It’s made things easier for us, that’s for sure.”

Toby’s aims for Harrington Starr continue to grow. Talking about what’s next for the business, he said:

“We’re looking to get up to a headcount of 115 over the next three years, and we’re hoping to launch a new office in San Francisco, the tech hub, early next year.”

To learn more about Harrington Starr, visit or call 020 3587 7007. If you’d like to know more about Sonovate, you can visit or call 020 7112 4949.



About Sonovate

  • Sonovate was founded in 2011 by Damon Chapple and Richard Prime
  • Over 1000 recruitment agencies work with Sonovate
  • Sonovate sees up to 60 new sign-ups each month
  • Sonovate has grown 300% YOY over the last three years
  • In the last 18 months, Sonovate has received £20m in VC investment
  • Sonovate runs thousands of contracts every day and funds £3-5m each week
  • Sonovate was named by Syndicate Room as the fifth fastest growing company in 2017
  • Sonovate has won several awards since its launch, including Recruitment Technology Innovation of the Year Award at the Recruiter Awards for Excellence
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