In the dynamic world of recruitment, staying ahead of market changes and meeting evolving client needs is crucial. Recruitment agencies often face challenges in offering interim solutions, such as supplying shorter-term contractors on day rates, both in and outside of IR35.

In this case study, Charlotte Streeten, Founder of Charlotte Streeten Executive Search, explains how these challenges led her to reach out to Sonovate. She shares why she chose Sonovate over other funders and discusses her experience with Sonovate so far
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Charlotte Streeten is an executive search firm dedicated to building and sustaining professional relationships, connecting excellent ACA / MBA candidates with ideal permanent, interim, and fractional opportunities. I offer a more consultative approach to any hiring process where I work with my clients collaboratively in true business partnership and on a retained project basis.  Mandates range from Senior Analyst to Director level positions, across various industries and ranging from start ups and scale ups to PE backed and listed businesses.
Can you describe the specific challenges your recruitment agency was facing before implementing Sonovate’s solution?

I have only ever worked on permanent searches or fixed term contract positions. Mindful of a changing market and my clients’ evolving needs I needed to provide an interim offering, supplying shorter term contractors on day rates, both in and outside of IR35. I had little idea how the contract market worked, margin vs mark up, timesheets, invoicing scheduling etc and needed a partner to help me provide it.
What were the key factors that led you to choose Sonovate over other funders for your business needs?

I chose Sonovate over any other funders because the business first reached out to me years ago when I set up my business.  There was no need to action anything at that time but we both saw the benefit of keeping in touch.  I appreciated their professional tenacity, reaching out once or twice a year to ask if there was need to further the conversation. I then had an exploratory VC that explained how the process and partnership would work, and honestly I saw no reason to compare with other suppliers. Once I needed to provide an interim solution for a long-standing client, the set-up process was incredibly quick and efficient.
How would you describe the overall experience of working with Sonovate’s team and implementing their solution within your agency?

Working with Sonovate has been positive. After initial contact, from the first VC to onboarding and then implementation it was efficiently and smoothly done.  Dan Grefsheim has in particular been great throughout – highly knowledgeable and incredibly patient; he’s a credit to the business and without his VC introduction I may not have been so impressed.  Harry Busby onboarded me and has also been very responsive and supportive.  As a perm recruiter I have had to learn new processes and different terminology – without Dan and Harry it would have felt even more overwhelming!  I am grateful to them both.

I think the often transactional nature of interim recruitment is in contrast to everything I have built my business to be. My process is consultative and thorough, because I care. Relationships are key to my business and its ongoing growth. I have therefore really appreciated the transparency from Dan / Sonovate as to how things work, so that I can still advise and work with my clients in an honest way.  Regardless if their need is permanent or interim, I feel I can provide the right solution, with a partner who also cares about how business is properly conducted.


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