Andrew Longfellow


Sector: Engineering

Established: 2012


Samuel Frank Associates, headed up by Andrew Longfellow, launched in 2012. Andrew quickly found that his valuable time was being taken up by endless reams of paperwork.

Back when I started my business I spent a lot of time issuing and sorting contracts and chasing people for money. These tasks were eating into the time I needed to focus on recruiting and growth.

Andrew began his search for a financier to support his business. The offers from the traditional banks fell short. He wanted something more than finance with strings attached. The restrictive concentration limits and all turnover agreements were unappealing, the technology had limited functionality and the customer service felt robotic.

The team at Sonovate understand my business and they’re always on hand to offer great advice should I need it

At first I was concerned that Sonovate would be just another impersonal online portal but this wasn’t the case at all. Because the founders come from a recruitment background.

Partnering with Sonovate allowed Andrew to run his business how he wanted. With no hidden charges and fees, no financial restrictions or drawn out contracts, Andrew knew he wouldn’t be held back. Knowing there was always a friendly face at the other end of the phone meant Andrew could trust in the support and guidance Sonovate gave.

It also meant he no longer felt held back by all of the paperwork, as Sonovate handled it all for him. Andrew had more time to grow his business, knowing his back office was in safe hands.