Tuesday, 6th December 2022. 11:00 a.m.

Learn How To Protect Your Recruitment Business Against Fraud

Every year businesses lose up to £24 billion due to fraud in recruitment. Don’t want to contribute to this number? Attend our free webinar


Why understanding fraud is important

It’s closer than you think

In 2021 there were more than 5000 invoice fraud cases alone.

Reputation is everything in recruitment

If the case goes public (usually it does), your company reputation can be spoiled for years.

The risk is Increasing

The more you grow, the more often your business becomes a target for scammers.

Speaker: Gemma Rubel

FinCrime Manager at Sonovate

Nine years of experience in FinCrime prevention

What you will master in this webinar:

Four of the most common fraud methods in recruitment

Practical exercises on fake invoice recognition

Understand which processes and tools you need to set up to avoid scammers

Fraud is a severe issue that can undermine your recruitment agency’s reputation and financial situation.

This webinar will cover the most recent fraud techniques scammers use and how to counter them.

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