Since 2013, our passion has been to increase access to funding for companies placing contingent workers.  This still drives us forward today and has been a key part of our growth to becoming the number one finance provider to recruitment companies and consultancies in the UK.

Recently, like many businesses, external events have produced unprecedented challenges and radically changed how we have to operate on a day to day basis.

Despite this, our teams have risen to the challenge and our commitment to funding the contingent workforce is stronger than ever. We’ve made three promises to our customers to ensure we are here for those who need us:

  • Releasing the maximum profit from invoices
    Simply put, we will continue to fund invoices during this time and release the maximum to our customers, safeguarding their cash flow. Sonovate releases more from invoices which makes a meaningful difference to our customers.
  • Team is operating round the clock to ensure we support you
    We might not be in the office but we’re here for you.  Our teams have moved to working remotely and are still able to provide the industry leading support expected from Sonovate.
  • The flexibility your business needs
    Whilst others may try to force you into unfair ‘whole ledger’ contracts, we remain true to modern principles of fair, on-demand funding underpinned by technology. We have never forced whole ledger agreements and will remain true to this ongoing.

Our business only works if the businesses we work with work. 

We’re in this together.

Sonovate is ready and willing to fund.

Damon & Richard
Sonovate Co-CEOs