For recruitment agencies, consultancies, freelance platforms and more

Revolutionise invoice funding

Access cash easily with invoice funding and streamlined financial reconciliation and reporting. Our innovative platform adapts to your rhythm, letting you withdraw cash as and when you need it, manage credit control and automate your back and middle office tasks. And that’s not all. With 95% bad debt protection as standard, you can optimise your working capital for peak cashflow when it counts most.


From cashflow support for new agencies to comprehensive enterprise financing solutions

For mid-sized & enterprise businesses

Invoice funding

Our platform is designed to make your financial operations smoother. It helps you optimise your working capital, simplifies finance processes such as reconciliation and reporting, and offers easy integration with other software to maintain visibility and control over your business, plus much more.

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For start ups & small-sized businesses

Funding & back office

Manage your cashflow and grow your business faster with our funding & back-office solution. Make worker placements easier to setup and manage, from hiring, to delivering payments, securing collections and reporting to know exactly where you stand.

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Rethinking invoice financing solutions for the new working world

Whether you place permanent employees, contractors, freelancers or consultants, we’ve built the Sonovate platform to provide fast, flexible, tech-driven funding that fits into any size business. Get the cash you need to grow your business, and the smart technology to help you save time, simplify processes, automate tasks and reduce the risk of human error. The ultimate and trusted finance solution for quick and optimised working capital.

Next generation funding for your business

Optimise your cash flow

No more waiting 30+ days for cash to come in. We fund up to 100% of your invoice value as quickly as under 24 hours.

Speed up your operations

Use our back office automation tools to simplify your operations and speed up your work.

Keep control over your business

Easy reconciliation and reporting. Our platform provides the visibility you need to manage your business and speed up your growth at the click of a button. 

Funding on demand – for your business to scale globally

Sonovate has already funded over £4bn in 44 countries, helping thousands of businesses with tailored invoice finance solutions, from startups to enterprises.

What we do

Invoice financing for solo to enterprise-sized businesses – so you can focus on your customers rather than cashflow

Invoice finance

Funding and bad debt protection for fast growing businesses

We were quite literally born to help you.

State of the art reconciliation, reporting and synchronisation to give you improved visibility on your finances across offices and countries. 95% bad debt protection as standard for added confidence that your business is protected.

What is invoice financing?

Invoice financing is a form of financial service that enables businesses to obtain immediate cash flow by leveraging invoice value.

Rather than waiting on an unpaid invoice for months or handling every late payment individually, a company can turn these invoices into assets and secure funding from an invoice finance provider.

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Invoice factoring

Receive up to 100% of your invoice value almost instantly

Invoice factoring is a facility that businesses use when they sell their invoices to a factoring company at a discounted rate.

They get an advance on the money they’re owed whilst the lender takes over the credit collection process. Due to selective invoice financing, they get to choose if they sell one outstanding invoice or all of them.


Enjoy a more streamlined process to control and sign contractors’ timesheets

With our most recent timesheets feature, you can automatically send timesheets to your workers and track everything from submissions to invoicing in one clear interface. No need to worry about late payments. We’ll automatically notify you whenever you need to take action.

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