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About Sonovate

We built Sonovate to provide fast, flexible, tech-driven finance that fits into any business.

Our people make us who we are and define how we can help your business grow.

Our story so far

Richard & Damon left jobs at a large recruiting firm to found Sonovate. At the start they provided all-in-one packages for other recruitment agencies to start up. But then pivoted to focus on the tech and funding that Sonovate is known for now.

They saw an opportunity to provide a far better service than the banks, making it easy and fast for businesses to get funding.

The future

By 2025, the recruitment market in the UK alone is expected to contribute more than £51bn to the economy, and aim is for Sonovate to be the Funding Platform for the Future of Work.

From providing flexible funding to the contingent workforce, to funding permanent placement, Sonovate’s mission is to get people paid, easily and on time.

What we do

Empowering recruitment and consultancy businesses

Sonovate provides tailored financial solutions to address the unique challenges of the industry. Our comprehensive suite of services includes innovative invoice financing, back-office support, and funding solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be The Funding Platform For The Future Of Work

We believe the future of work is the ability to work anywhere how you want, and we want to be its backbone.

Helping individuals to work independently, and businesses of all kinds – from recruiters and consultants to tech-driven freelance marketplaces – get easy funding and cash flow to scale and grow.


From cashflow support for new agencies to comprehensive enterprise financing solutions

For mid-sized & enterprise businesses

Flexible funding

Our platform is designed to make your financial operations smoother. It helps you optimise your working capital, simplifies finance processes such as reconciliation and reporting, and offers easy integration with other software to maintain visibility and control over your business, plus much more.

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For start ups & small-sized businesses

Funding & back office

Manage your cashflow and grow your business faster with our funding & back-office solution. Make worker placements easier to setup and manage, from hiring, to delivering payments, securing collections and reporting to know exactly where you stand.

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Our people make us who we are

They also define how we can help your business grow. We’re made up of designers, developers, account managers, executives and everyone in between. But like all good things, we started small, with two founders set on industry transformation.

Sonovate team at a staff party outdoors standing in a grass field and smiling at the camera.

Loved by the press, feared by the banks

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