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Total Funding for Contract & Perm

Tired of juggling multiple platforms and processes to manage your recruitment business? Introducing Total funding. Designed specifically for the recruitment industry, Total funding takes the stress out of managing contract and permanent placements.

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Sonovate’s services let you focus on your customers rather than cashflow or admin


Get fast, flexible funding for any type of placement. Whether it’s permanent, contractors, freelancers or consultants, we’ve built the Sonovate platform to fit in with your business.


Run your payroll as and when you need it with our self-serve portal. Whether you need multiple payments per week or want to set your own schedule, we’ve got you covered.

Risk management

Keep your company protected with automated credit checks and compliance processes to ensure you work with the most reliable customers.


Pay your workers on time – whether you need £1 or £10 million, we’ll give you up to 100% of the value of every outstanding invoice.


Automatically send timesheets to your workers and track everything from submissions to invoicing in one clear dashboard.


Streamline your operations – Efficient integration between timesheeting, placement administration, credit control and funding helps your business run smoothly.

Financial reporting & reconciliation

Get full visibility of your finances with state-of-the-art reconciliation, reporting and easy synchronisation with your accounting software.

Total funding

One login, one platform, one solution

Say goodbye to the headaches of managing contract and permanent placements separately. With Sonovate Total funding, everything you need is consolidated into one seamless platform, saving you time and effort.

Enjoy the convenience of one login, one platform, and one solution. No more switching between different systems – Sonovate Total funding provides a unified experience for all your financing needs.

Total funding

Effortless payments

Get paid faster for both contract and permanent placements without the hassle of chasing invoices. Sonovate Total funding ensures prompt payments, so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

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“The Power was doing a demo of Sonovate’s platform – it really sold it for me.”

George Richings – GiBe Finance