Our brand new platform for mid-sized & enterprise businesses

Revolutionise invoice funding

Is your recruitment agency or consultancy seeking a flexible business finance solution? Are you worried about late payments from your clients or cumbersome processes to get funding and loans from banks and other lenders? You’ve come to the right place!

Industry-leading invoice financing solutions

Our innovative SaaS solution for flexible cash flow is at your fingertips.

  • Turn each unpaid invoice into an asset

    Whether you need £1 or £10 million, we’ll give you up to 100% of the value of every outstanding invoice so you, as a business owner, can pay your workers on time while giving your clients the attention and service they require.

  • Save costs and time

    Our new automated features to help you work faster and more efficiently.

  • Simplify your operations like never before

    By integrating better across timesheeting, placement administration, credit control and funding, we help your operations and finance teams collaborate faster and more efficiently while eliminating payment term challenges.

  • Bad debt protection

    We offer 95% bad debt protection as standard to give you the confidence that your business is protected.

Invoicing and billing

Credit control and cash flow – your way

Do you focus on one sector or support several industries? Tailor your funding in the way that suits you best. Create multi-sector placements to fit each of your clients’ unique needs.

Bid farewell to outdated pay-and-bill systems. Sonovate’s revolutionary technology adapts to your business needs, allowing you to withdraw cash and issue your bills according to the schedule that suits you and your workers best. 

Choose from our Funding & Back Office solution, or just Invoice Funding if that’s what you need.

Explore how we compare to traditional invoice finance

Stay on top of all things in finance

Streamline your accounting

  • No more doubts about an invoice amount, thanks to full syncing with most accountancy packages.
  • Stop worrying about sending an individual invoice by auto-generating and tracking each one — simple!
  • Get the full picture of your invoice payment and sync your accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Stay in control of your invoice financing

  • Selective invoice finance options as well as flexible and transparent pricing through our state-of-the-art dashboard.
  • Keep track of every single invoice finance process to know when we’ve processed your worker payments.
  • Full visibility of payments, collections and invoice financing fees through individual disclosed receipt accounts.

Draw cash on demand

  • Business finance features like self-serve payroll that can be run as and when you need it, even multiple times a week.
  • Asset-based lending such as receivable financing and invoice discounting tailored to your unique business rhythm.
  • Ability to adjust balances through flexible invoice factoring superior to every traditional finance provider.

Invoice financing for fast-growing businesses

Manage invoice factoring across countries and offices

State-of-the-art reconciliation, reporting and synchronisation to give you improved visibility of your business finance situation across offices and countries. 95% bad debt protection as standard for added confidence that your company or organisation is protected.

Our multi-currency financing platform is designed to help you expand domestically and internationally, with resilient, highly available and scalable funding that grows with you.

Invoice factoring to fuel your growth domestically and internationally

Get the liquidity you need with our secure funding platform

  • Up to 100% invoice financing.
  • Flexibility to withdraw funds as and when you need them.
  • International, multi-currency payments.
  • Streamlined KYC/AML checks to keep all transactions secure and compliant.
  • Secure biometric technology to facilitate onboarding.
  • Client risk assessment, to evaluate your clients’ creditworthiness, minimise payment risks and determine appropriate funding terms.
  • Real-time monitoring of each invoice payment and fees with the ability to make adjustments where needed.

Additional benefits of using our invoice financing platform

Best-in-class reporting

Have the right insights at all times to better manage your business

Fraud and credit risk mitigation

Count on the latest tech to help you keep your business protected and give you peace of mind

Automated dunning and collections

Relax while we take care of communications with your clients to collect payments on time and in full.

Accounts receivable integrations

Manage debt more efficiently and adjust funding to your business cycle and urgent situations.


Enjoy industry-leading service and get support whenever you need it.


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What clients say about our funding platform

colour headshot of George Richings (Director at GiBe Finance)

George Richings

GiBe Finance

The power was doing a demo of Sonovate’s platform – it really sold it for me.

Why a new platform of invoice funding?

How is the new Sonovate invoice funding platform better?

Our new platform continues to deliver the fast, flexible funding that has made us the number 1 provider of funding for recruitment business, consultancies and labour marketplaces in the UK. The new features allow us to do this even more flexibly, helping you to easily release the cash from your outstanding invoice to improve your working capital and invest in your growth. It offers a sleeker interface, faster onboarding, multiple user access, multicurrency funding and improved reconciliation to make it easier to manage your invoice funding capabilities.

Why is reconciliation important?

At Sonovate we pride ourselves on helping business to keep growing, whether they wish to do so domestically in the UK or overseas. As we all know, with a growing business, comes the need for you to keep better visibility and control over your finances. That’s why our new platform offers improved features to connect instantly to your accountancy software, helping you to make sure you are up to date on the status of your funding with us and that your accounting reflects that accurately. You can easily drill down to see detailed information about invoices, payments that have been completed, and ensure the information matches across your suite of financial software.

How easy is it to get started with Sonovate?

Our platform is designed to get you started quickly and easily, while keeping your information safe and compliant. We use state of the art technology to complete required checks such as KYC so you can get setup and receive your funding fast!

Can I connect my existing finance systems to the platform? 

Yes, you can connect your accounting software, like Xero, Zoho Books, QuickBooks, etc. The Sonovate platform syncs automatically to these packages, so you can reconcile more easily and stay up to date on invoices and payments. You can also sync manually should you wish to do so.   

How long does it take to receive funds after submitting an invoice? 

You can instantly withdraw payments using our platform, you will get your funds in one-two business days.  

Are there any restrictions on the amount of funding I can receive? 

Sonovate can fund up to 100% of your invoice amount, the terms may vary depending on your client’s credit and trade history.  Additionally, we don’t impose concentration limits, so you can grow with your best clients without worry. 

How secure is the platform in terms of protecting sensitive financial data? 

Our platform uses the latest enterprise grade IT security protocols. It also leverages best in class technology to conduct credit checks, Anti-Money Laundering and KYC procedures for your clients, giving you peace of mind.