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We’ve secured £110m to help businesses invest in their growth

Sonovate is excited to announce we've secured £110m investment led by M&G Investments, Rocket Internet SE and MXB Holdings Inc

Four tips to get more from your existing clients

Are you utilising your existing client base enough? In this blog, we will look at 4 tactics to help you get more out of your existing client base.

Guide to invoice finance terms

To help you go from being an invoice finance novice to an expert we've put together a glossary of invoice finance terms that you need to know.

Sonovate supports UK Parkinson’s Football Team’s bid for glory

Sonovate is proud to support Annapurna’s Charlie Appleyard's ongoing mission to raise awareness for Parkinson’s and lift the Ray Kennedy Cup in Copenhagen

10 proven ways to maximise the value of your recruitment business

There are several criteria that influence purchasing decisions. We’ve listed 10 proven ways to maximise your recruitment business value.

How concentration limits impact business performance

Concentration limits can play a major role in terms of how much cash your invoice finance facility can generate. We explain how to understand this impact.

Nine questions to ask before financing contractors

To keep up with the growing contractor market, many recruitment agencies are using contractor finance. Here's 9 questions to ask before choosing a provider.

Six questions recruitment agencies need to ask before renewing their finance facility

Sticking with your finance facility might feel like the easiest option for your business, but it might not be the best one. Here's 6 questions to ask before renewing your finance facility.

Why recruitment agencies need to leave their invoice factoring provider

To scale and maximise your agency's profit, you need to place more contractors... and to do that you'll need the right invoice factoring facility.

How to optimise your RecTech stack in four steps

The recruitment industry has long been at the forefront of tech adoption. This article explains how to build the perfect rectech stack in four steps

Limited Company, Umbrella and PAYE: what your recruitment agency needs to know

Your guide to Limited Company, Umbrella and PAYE. What you need to know to determine which route is best for your recruitment agency.

Recruitment businesses preparing for growth

The preparation of a business for growth therefore lies in your ability to create something that is, in essence, scalable in the first place!

Strategies to grow a recruitment agency

A record number of recruitment agencies has created an incredibly competitive market. See how five recruitment business owners are growing their businesses.

Three ways to do more contract recruitment deals

In the fast-paced world of contract recruitment being second is not an option. We've listed three ways to do more contract recruitment deals today!

Three ways to supercharge tech candidate acquisition

For recruiters who are keen to develop their marketing strategy to attract the hottest talent, consider these strategies.

Nine metrics recruiters need to measure

Recruiters can access information about how they perform quicker than ever before. We've identifed nine metrics recruiters should use to improve performance

51 questions your business needs to ask to supercharge growth

Growth is vital for every recruitment business. It creates a positive environment & generates new opportunities. We’ve listed 51 questions to fuel growth.

Five headaches of invoice discounting

Invoice discounting can be a good way to finance your contract business, however beware, as it can cause you a few headaches...

21 invoice finance costs you can avoid

Unearthing the additional costs and hidden fees in invoice finance. See how your recruitment agency can avoid paying them.

Has the recruitment industry outgrown invoice discounting and factoring?

For the past few decades, factoring and invoice discounting have allowed recruitment agencies to grow but are they still the best source of finance?

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