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Tech-first finance for marketplaces

Sonovate brings together everything you need to fund large pools of workers globally. Companies like Coople, Orka Pay, and Worksome use Sonovate’s funding platform and API to increase retention and scale their operations with ease.

Some of the businesses working with Sonovate.

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Challenges we address

With a highly competitive category, we know the pressure is on to scale fast, and often to monetise for VCs. Here are a few recurring issues we’ve heard.

Scaling vs cashflow – supporting a spike in placements takes its toll, and you often can’t afford to wait for clients to pay up

Best-in-class experience – with a competitive marketplace, you want a great experience for workers to stand out, increase adoption and reduce churn

Slow & tech-backward financiers – who don’t understand your business and can’t support the speed of on-demand

Freelance leakage – often platforms are limited to offering 15-45 days but we can help you reduce that on-demand payments

What you get


We pay up to 100% of your invoices, fast. We’re not a slow bank, we want to keep you moving.

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Fast, fun and super easy-to-use, we’re bringing slick new tech to an old game.

Service & support

Our friendly and expert team are always on hand to help.

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