How Sonovate Works

What the Agency Does

  • Enter Placement Details
  • Receive 100% of Profit

What Sonovate Does

  • Credit Check Client
  • Issue Contracts to Client & Candidate
  • Issue Online Timesheet Details
  • Send and Collect Timesheets
  • Issue Invoice to Client
  • Pay Agency 100% Profit
  • Pay Candidate
  • Collect Funds From Client

Easy as 1-2-3

1: Enter Client Details

Enter details about your client and Sonovate will perform a credit check to provide you with funding limits etc before continuing with the placement.

2: Enter Placement

Once a placement has been made, simply enter the details along with information about the candidate. Sonovate will distribute all of the relevant paperwork to all parties.

3: Get Paid

From here on Sonovate will take care of everything to ensure your contract runs smoothly whilst making sure your business is kept up to date. Once Sonovate have received timesheet approval, 100% of your profit will be paid directly to your business.

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