Mark Collins and Patrick Collins

Co-founders and Directors

Sector: Digital

Established: 2005


Core reasons for joining Sonovate:

  • Understands the needs of recruitment businesses
  • Professional and sensitive Credit Control process
  • Access to online account that provides full visibility over all elements of the business

Sonovate helped us to launch Melior Resourcing and run multiple contractors at once, without having to worry about cash flow. And we haven’t looked back since.

We considered a few financiers to make an informed decision, but couldn’t find anything that fit our business as well as Sonovate does

Sonovate’s overall package of easy online timesheets, complete back-office support and 100% finance against unpaid invoices, matched our needs perfectly.

It helps that founders, Damon Chapple and Richard Prime, come from a recruitment background, and this positively influences all areas of their offering. For instance, the Credit Control team is highly professional and always maintain a sensitive approach to collecting payments.

The support we get from our Relationship Manager is brilliant. We’re kept in the loop whilst any queries are being processed and our expectations are always managed well.

It’s handy that we can log into our online portal at anytime to keep an eye on payments coming in, invoices raised by Sonovate, and timesheets, all-in-one place. We also like the fact that there’s always a record of all transactions in our portal, which can  be easily found for future reference.

The online timesheets platform used by our contractors is another great support element of Sonovate’s offering. If this wasn’t included, we’d have to spend more money to purchase a separate product or go down the route of manual timesheets.

In addition to the tech and finance, Sonovate offers an invaluable personal touch that every business needs from their financier. We’ve found the team to be very approachable and willing to help us with anything we need.

We look forward to continue to work with Sonovate to achieve our main objective for 2018 – which is to grow our contract book.