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From our work with consultancies over the years, we’ve found there are a few big pains we help with.

Irregular cash flow – Including big projects coming in and suddenly needing to scale up

Late client payments – Where the work is starting but you can’t fund extra team members

Funding limits – Maxing out lending from a bank or other finance provider

Bad debt – In the event of non-payment or insolvency of one of your clients

Time wasted – Through juggling admin alongside project work and working with bad technology

Concentration – Too much exposure with an individual client

Leave your details with us, we’ll show you round the platform and get you funding in no time.

It’s clear they understand our world and what we’re working so hard to achieve. In the end Sonovate is a brilliant way for Core Consultants to unlock growth. We see a long and bright future together.

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Steve Hampson - Core Consultants