Ascen provides recruitment agencies with a complete solution for making U.S. contract placements, allowing them to focus on delivering excellent service to their clients and candidates.

How Ascen Can Help

The U.S. contract staffing market is the largest in the world, generating over $150 billion in revenue each year. For recruitment agencies looking to tap into this lucrative market, Ascen offers an all-in-one, white-labelled platform that simplifies the complexities of contract placements in the

Here’s how Ascen can assist your agency:

Onboarding and Compliance: Navigating U.S. employment laws and regulations can be challenging, especially for agencies operating
internationally. Ascen ensures all contractors are properly onboarded, meeting all necessary compliance requirements to avoid legal pitfalls.
Time-Tracking: Accurate time-tracking is crucial for managing contractors and ensuring they are compensated correctly. Ascen’s platform includes robust time-tracking tools that help keep track of hours worked, making it easy for both contractors and agencies.
Payroll Management: Managing payroll for contractors can be complex, involving calculations for taxes, deductions, and benefits. Ascen handles all aspects of payroll, ensuring contractors are paid accurately and on time, which helps maintain a positive working relationship.
Billing: Efficient billing processes are essential for maintaining cash flow and ensuring timely payments from clients. Ascen’s platform automates