Your favourite, independent umbrella co


What makes Atom different from the other Umbrella Companies on your list? For us, contracting is personal. It’s about service, people, and the little details that go a long way.

What differentiates Atom?

We could give you a load of stats about what we do — time to answer calls, contractors paid on time this week — the usual. Our difference? For us, the world of CIS, umbrella, and international payroll is personal.

When it comes to contracting, details matter.

We liken Atom to your favourite independent coffee shop. You don’t go in there for your mid-morning latte because it’s with you in 38 seconds. Or what coffee connoisseur accreditations they have.

What’s important is that it tastes EXACTLY how you want it. And that independent barista loves you coming in. They know your name and a little piece of your background. That’s how we liken Atom to the others in the market.

Atom – your favourite, independent umbrella co. 

Everyone has a choice when it comes to partners. But if you’re as passionate about the industry as we are and you’d like to work with people who actually get it, we’d love to meet for coffee.

Not only we will guarantee your contractor’s pay is taken care of on time, time after time, but we’ll tell you about all the care and expertise poured in as standard.

The Atom Way Of Working (benefits)

“No Fads” Guarantee:

Whether it’s CIS, umbrella or PSC, we’ve dropped free doughnuts and pizzas for a personal approach that puts people first.

Open to the Close:

We’re here when you need us. Yes, we have lives outside of work, but we don’t switch off at 16:00 on Friday. We’re here when you need us, weekends to boot.