Compare, switch & renew business insurance with Bionic

Have you got the right business insurance in place? Bionic will help tailor cover to meet the exact needs of your business. No needless extras. No jargon. No hassle.

Is your business properly insured?

Around 80% of UK SMEs are underinsured, according to figures from Allianz.  This means that most businesses don’t have the financial protection they need, should something go wrong.

But even if you renew your insurance every year, can you be sure you’ve got the right type of cover to protect against all the risks. Or the right level of cover to pay the cost of any claims?

When you use Bionic to help sort your insurance, they have a team on hand to explain everything you need to know and help you get business insurance to protect your premises, people, stock, and more.

Compare business insurance

Why compare business insurance with Bionic?

When you run a business, there are loads of things that can go wrong. This is why you need to have the right cover in place to protect against all the risks. But this means sorting business insurance is a lot more complicated than sorting home insurance. That’s where Bionic can help.

Bionic compares a panel of insurers and a range of cover to find insurance that fits the needs of your business. A few online questions and a short call with one of Bionic’s business insurance specialists is all it takes to get your business covered.

What’s the cost?

Your business insurance comparison is free. If you switch insurance with Bionic then they’ll be paid a commission by the insurer. This is included in the price of the quote so the price you’re quoted is the price you pay. No needless extras. No unwanted surprises. No hassle.

Compare business insurance