Fund your contractors with Sonovate, help them plan their pension with Jarvis

Increase retention of your contractors by providing them with superior pension planning

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How does Jarvis help contractors and your agency?

Saving for the future triggers feelings of uncertainty for the self-employed. Jarvis is the pension app that removes the guesswork from retirement planning. It helps your contractors to feel empowered by being given control over what their ideal retirement lifestyle could look like, along with the steps needed to get them there.

Providing pension planning is a solid competitive advantage that helps your agency retain contractors, boosting your operations and growth. 

Use Jarvis to provide better benefits to your contractors.

The advantages of providing Jarvis to your contractors:

A better solution for the non-permanent workers

Jarvis allows for self-management and provides trusted financial guidance, enabling contractors to build a reliable retirement plan.

Personalised pension planning

Jarvis provides personalised smart suggestions: how much to save and how to use existing resources to achieve the desired lifestyle.

Innovative modelling engine ‘Jarvis Analytics’

Fully digital sign-up, old workplace pensions, pension consolidation, cashflow forecast – all in one app.

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