Lawspeed – The legal specialists in the recruitment sector

We’re dedicated to providing the legal and compliance support you need to thrive in the dynamic world of recruitment.

How Lawspeed can help

Whether you need market-leading contracts and terms of business, assistance in reviewing terms provided by others, compliance regulations, or insight into sector developments, our friendly team are always ready to assist you in various ways. We can provide you with quick answers via our email and telephone helplines. We also offer bespoke services on request to cater to your specific needs.

Benefits of working with Lawspeed

Market leading contracts and Terms of Business

Our contracts and terms have been crafted by our experienced team of expert lawyers, and have been developed in line with changes in the industry. This also allows us to know what works (and what doesn’t), and our contracts have never been beaten in any dispute.

Contract Maintenance

Our automatically updated contract service means that we pro-actively review all relevant changes in legislation, case law and commercial practice, and update your contracts accordingly. This gives you the confidence your contracts are always up to date.

Legal Helpline

Our legal experts are on hand to answer your queries via email, video chat or telephone, regarding risk, compliance, and process. We offer practical advice and guidance with a proactive approach to solving problems and act as your very own virtual legal team.

Compliance Support

Compliance should be at the centre of all processes, and there are a wide range of rules and regulations that govern the recruitment industry. Our compliance support ranges from consultations to educational webinars and seminars and a practical compliance manual.

Pricing options

To support a full range of business models and company finances, we offer several different pricing options. We can provide our contracts on a subscription scheme with payments monthly, and our advice is billed by the minute, so no money is wasted on retainers.


Association of Recruitment Consultancies serves as a platform to represent the recruitment industry’s concerns to the government. Our objective is not to compete with other trade associations but to offer valuable insights from an independent legal expert, that understands how issues impact recruitment businesses.

Standards in Recruitment (SiR)

SiR is the UK’s only independent recruitment standards accreditor and is appointed by Crown Commercial Services for approval of recruitment businesses operating in the education sector. This enables qualifying recruitment businesses to fly a flag of industry standards.


To make contracts easier to access, update and deploy we changed their format and built a digital platform for our clients to use. We then created a contract acceptance process that doesn’t require e-sign, wet sign or any sign, and a location for all records to be kept in one place.