Start your recruitment business with RecruitHub, fund its growth with Sonovate

RecruitHub is an all-in-one recruitment start-up solution. It contains marketing, back office, technology, investment and strategy tools to start your agency.

Learn how you can benefit from our partner RecruitHub

RecruitHub provides a discount and additional benefits to Sonovate clients. Apply to learn more.

RecruitHub is Sonovate's trusted partner. Here are some benefits of working with them:

Integrate & Automate

RecruitHub’s tech stack is designed to reduce manual processes and eliminate inefficiency.

The cash to launch

RecruitHub connects founders with experienced angel investors that specialise in funding agencies.

Expertise on tap

RecruitHub accelerates business growth by guiding entrepreneurs through their journeys, providing expert advisory input across sales, operations, technology and finance.

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