Stride by Liquid Friday

Stride by Liquid Friday is a platform that delivers real time and predictive candidate behaviour data, so agencies make faster, more cost-effective temp placements.

What problem does Stride solve?

Latest research shows that 80% of contractors only complete a single assignment with their agency!

That’s crazy! It costs around £400 to resource a new candidate…only supporting them once is bonkers.

Redeployment is a far more cost-effective and efficient way to fill placements and Stride can help with this!

The ‘how it works’ bit

Stride analyses millions of contractor assignments and thousands of industry sectors, by aggregating multiple data streams.

Once all this data is crunched, what comes out are powerful automated insights that tells the agencies who to redeploy, when assignments are predicted to end and which of their contractors are looking for new work.

What’s the cost?

Zip, Nada, Zero, Gratis, No Fee, Free!

Any customer referred to Stride through Sonovate will not pay a software fee for life.