Fund your growth with Sonovate, reinforce your finance with Swoop

Sonovate delivers invoice funding, and Swoop can provide you with other financial instruments. It supports ambitious UK businesses with services like business loans, equity, grants or other solutions.

How can you benefit from working with Swoop?

Swoop provide a discount and benefits to Sonovate clients, T&Cs apply. Fill in the form to learn more.

Swoop is a Sonovate trusted partner. Here are some benefits of working with them:

Find business funding

Swoop takes the hassle out of finding funds to grow your business, allowing you to search tailored options across loans, equity and grants.

Save some cash

Swoop also helps companies to save on their business costs like energy, banking, and more.

Get a “virtual CFO”

Swoop covers such a wide range of financial tools, that it’s like you get an additional virtual CFO and advisor.

Get even more services through our partners

We partner with best-in-class providers to support our customers.

Check our partners page for a host of more services such as:

  • Contractor Insurance
  • Business banking
  • CRM solutions
  • Access to EoR services if you are planning to go global
  • Umbrella services