Fund your growth with Sonovate, get umbrella services from helps recruitment businesses to pay contractors so they get most of the full-time employees’ benefits. is our trusted partner, having served over 100k contractors over 14 years.

How can you benefit from working with provides a discount and benefits to Sonovate clients, T&Cs apply. Fill in the form to learn more. is a Sonovate trusted partner. Here are some benefits of working with them:

Simplicity and speed

Registration takes minutes. Fast & same day payments

Extensive experience has helped 100k+ contractors over 14 years

Technical infrastructure

24/7 online portal and mobile app

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We partner with best-in-class providers to support our customers.

Check our partners page for a host of more services such as:

  • Contractor Insurance
  • Business banking
  • CRM solutions
  • Access to EoR services if you are planning to go global
  • Umbrella services