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The best element is the cash flow they offer

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After working together for several years, Mark and Adrian launched Masentó Group. To deliver the best quality of delivery across the board, they decided to look for a financier to boost their cash flow.

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Mark Hodges

Founder and Director,Masentó Group


Business Intelligence, Big Data



We began our search for a financier shortly after setting up Masentó Group. Our business aim is to build a business that has quality of delivery at its core. To deliver this across the board, we realised we needed to have a financier in place to help with our cash flow.

We met with a few different financiers to see what our options were. We found that the banks were not interested in working with us, as our company was new and we didn’t have a ledger. We also contemplated a few other providers, however we found them too general, and we wanted a financier who really understood recruitment.

Using Sonovate allowed us to focus on what was most important: launching and growing our business.

For us, partnering up with Sonovate was a no brainer. They pay agencies the same week a timesheet is approved, giving  a guaranteed cash flow. The fact that they also handle the credit control for us was very appealing. There was only Adrian and myself to start with, so we needed as much support as we could get. Using Sonovate allowed us to focus on what was most important: launching and growing our business.

The technology is great, as our clients and contractors can see that we have a professional payroll system in place.

I like the visibility aspect of Sonovate’s portal. It’s great to be able to see invoices and payments coming in, as it keeps us in control of our finances. Another plus is that Sonovate credit checks all of our clients on our behalf, giving us added confidence.

For me, the best element is the cash flow they offer.

I actively recommend Sonovate to other agencies, as they offer a finance solution that is specifically tailored to suit the needs of the recruitment industry. Everything from the smooth onboarding process to being paid promptly is fantastic, and Sonovate gives us great service and support.

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