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An influx of requests for contractors led perm agency, Haig & Co, to expand their business with Sonovate.

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Damian Navas

Director & Co-Founder,Haig & Co


Finance, Accounting, Cyber Security



How would I describe Sonovate? It’s a customer oriented solution that allows agencies to focus on growing their business.

Our business is two years old, having started up in April 2015. We were originally operating solely as a perm agency, which is where my professional background lay. We began to receive ad hoc requests for contractors. As these requests increased we realised that we needed to find a financier.

We originally considered HSBC and Barclays as potential financiers for Haig & Co, however, after approaching them, we came to realise that they were not the right fit for us. It felt as though they did not fully understand the recruitment sector and their offering did not match our requirements.

What we really benefit from is the flexibility that Sonovate offers. 20% of our business is now contract recruitment.

This number can fluctuate from month-to-month, and Sonovate’s pay-as-you-go kind of service means we can access funding when we need it.

It is also reassuring to know that Sonovate’s CEOs know and understand the recruitment business and how critical cash flow is for small businesses.

The customer service side of Sonovate is 100% spot on. We’ve had no issues. Our Relationship Manager is always helpful and responds quickly to any questions. Being able to trust them to manage our placements gives us the peace of mind needed to focus on running other elements of our business, which is important.

The portal is very user friendly. It’s super quick to use and having this back office support in place has definitely freed up more of our time. The dashboard is good for a high level overview. It’s great to see all of our live placements and have full visibility over the status of invoices and money coming in.

We received feedback from one of our contractors who said his experience with us and Sonovate has been great.

You get what you pay for with Sonovate, and the back office support saves us from needing to employ more staff to achieve what Sonovate does.

At first I was concerned that Sonovate would be just another impersonal online portal but this wasn’t the case at all. Because the founders come from a recruitment background.

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Only pay for what you need

No subscription fees. No annual contracts. Sonovate takes a small cut depending how much you use it, so the service can scale easily with you.

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