In the rapidly evolving landscape of business automation, Endpoint Automation Services (EAS) is emerging as a leader in the software automation space. Dedicated to empowering clients with cutting-edge solutions, EAS focuses on automating business processes to drive efficiencies and enhance productivity.


EAS encountered a common hurdle faced by many service-based businesses: cash flow constraints. Reliant on invoicing for revenue, EAS experienced delays in client payments, hampering their ability to meet financial obligations, expand operations, and invest in future growth initiatives.


Enter Sonovate, a leading invoice funding solution tailored for businesses like EAS. Through a strategic partnership with Sonovate, EAS gained access to crucial working capital, effectively bridging cash flow gaps. This infusion of funds enabled EAS to streamline operations, accelerate growth and pursue its ambitious expansion plans with confidence.

Our Exceptional Team and Support:

Throughout the partnership, EAS received unwavering support from the dedicated team at Sonovate. From initial discussions to seamless onboarding and ongoing assistance, Sonovate’s responsive and knowledgeable team ensured a smooth transition to their funding platform. Phil Lewis, Managing Director of EAS, commended Sonovate, stating, “From the moment you and I have been talking to the onboarding process, everyone at Sonovate has been so responsive.”

Future Aspirations:

With Sonovate’s funding in place, EAS is poised to realise its long-term aspirations for growth and innovation. Armed with newfound financial stability, EAS aims to expand its footprint in the automation sector, delivering cutting-edge solutions, and exploring strategic partnerships and acquisitions. As Phil Lewis succinctly puts it, “With growth comes more challenges like cash flow, but hopefully, moving forward, that won’t be an issue for us anymore.”

Benefits and Outcomes:

Phil Lewis emphasised the tangible benefits of partnering with Sonovate, particularly the peace of mind that comes with reliable cash flow. He expressed gratitude, stating, “Thanks ever so much for everything you’ve done and what Sonovate has brought to us.” With the ability to meet payroll, invest in growth initiatives, and navigate market challenges effectively, EAS is well-positioned for sustained success and innovation.


As EAS continues its trajectory of growth and innovation, they remain grateful for the steadfast support and partnership of Sonovate. By addressing their cash flow challenges and providing essential funding, Sonovate has played a pivotal role in empowering EAS to achieve their goals, drive innovation, and excel in the competitive landscape of business automation.