Uuna is a consultancy with a vision to improve the employee experience of change across the world. In partnership with Sonovate, Uuna has been able to overcome the challenge of managing invoicing and payments, ultimately offering a great experience for its network of change specialists, making its operations more efficient, and empowering its growth.


Uuna, whose name derives from the Latin word for “together,” was founded by Charlotte Talmage, a visionary with an incredible network of talented and smart individuals who excel in delivering change. Uuna’s mission is to provide people and data-led change solutions tailored to each client. They have assembled a hand-picked community of transformational change and communication specialists to help achieve their objectives. Uuna’s goal is to bring about positive change ‘one nudge at a time’.


Uuna previously struggled with invoicing and payments due to their client’s payment terms, which in turn created a level of uncertainty around the payments that they made to their contractors, especially as their team grew.

Before partnering up with Sonovate Charlotte details the difficulties they faced: “Managing invoicing and payments is a time-intensive job, particularly across multiple clients with varying payment terms. Some are as long as 60+ days, which means you need three months of cash flow to make sure everyone’s paid on time in thanks for their brilliant efforts, and of course, as your team expands quickly, which it was doing, that becomes more challenging”.


Sonovate listened carefully to Uuna’s needs and were able to deliver tailored solutions to help the consultancy grow at two levels. The first one was to manage cashflow and pay contractors, and the second was to support the consultancy’s growth. This enabled Uuna to plan and feel comfortable taking on more staff and bigger jobs. This, coupled with the ease of use of Sonovate’s intuitive platform, ensured a smoother and easier process for Charlotte and her team.

“Sonovate is the key to delivering for the client, scaling our team, and looking after our people,” says Charlotte.


  1. Certainty: Confidence around payments enabled Uuna to take on more jobs and hire more staff, thereby growing their customer base and scaling the business. “It’s kind of looking after that human aspect while at the same time delivering for the client. So, by working with Sonovate, we’ve got that certainty that we can do the two well,” says Charlotte.
  2. Building trust: Being able to pay talent efficiently and quickly helped Uuna to demonstrate their dedication to their team, which ultimately helped with retaining talent long term.
  3. Efficiency: Sonovate’s state of the art platform helps to alleviate stress by taking care of the admin and financial pressures, enabling Uuna to focus their time and efforts on offering the best service to their clients. “It has enabled us to be more efficient in how we run our business and scale our team to deliver value for our clients quickly because we’ve got the right cash flow in place to pay people on time for their great contributions,” says Charlotte.
  4. Future growth: With the additional time and financial support provided by Sonovate, Uuna can assertively go about growing their business. Sonovate adapts and scales its support to match evolving requirements, delivering an agile service tailored to Uuna’s needs. “Working with Sonovate allows us to bring new hand-picked experts and specialists into our team who fit with our values when the clients need them.” continues Charlotte.

Continued collaboration

 As this partnership continues to flourish, the two companies are committed to discovering new avenues.

“Sonovate were a pleasure and easy to work with. From the flexibility of the package to fit our bespoke needs right through to the personable and considered and valuable support given to us. There’s been such a fit with our own values at Uuna. Working with Sonovate is effortless, simply effortless.” concludes Charlotte.

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