George Richings


Sector: Accounting & Finance


When launching GiBe, I had experience of running contractors, so I knew I would need to outsource finance and back-office to enable me to build my business quickly.

I was aware of Sonovate and evaluated them against a few of their competitors. Price wise, Sonovate was roughly the same as other factoring providers and cheaper than one of the leading banks.

 The power was doing a demo of Sonovate’s platform – it really sold it for me

As any new business owner will recognise, running contractors can be a little daunting. Liabilities, transfer of money, the whole process.  With Sonovate it’s all laid out for me. It takes less than five minutes to add a placement and then I don’t have much to do after that. Little things, like having companies house tool inbuilt is awesome.

I don’t put any of my contractor information through my CRM, it goes straight into Sonovate which gives me the same level of detail with regards to placement history and candidate information.

 I showed it to someone else who uses a different system and they’re blown away by it

The support side of Sonovate is huge. The team are super helpful and respond quickly whenever I have questions. Overall, Sonovate, is extremely easy to use and extends a great perception of my brand. I would 100% recommend – I have had no issues and I don’t believe there is a better solution on the market.