Despite the term, candidate control is not some Orwellian mind game recruiters secretly play with their candidates. It’s about having a handle on the recruitment process as a whole.

With the market leaning fully in favour of candidates, recruiters need to be offering the best candidate experience to bat off the competition. One negative experience with a recruiter can tarnish the reputation of the industry as a whole!

Here are some tips to maintaining direction during a candidate’s journey.


1. Why should they use you?

In a candidate-driven market where recruiters are vying for candidates, what elevates you above the rest? Establish who you are, how you work and what you will do for them. Draw out some timescales and always act on your promises. Good reference points will breed further business.

2. Know your candidate, not just their skillset

Knowing a candidate’s skillset and whether they are technically capable to fill a role is not enough, it’s only touching the surface. Recruiters need to know if location will be an issue, If any personal or professional reasons might conflict with the role and if the pay is enough.

Understanding the motivations underpinning a candidate’s job search will save everyones time and allow you to deliver a better service.

It’s simply a way of recruiting with your eyes open, it’s a lot easier to find what a candidate is looking for once you know what they want from life and what drives them forward. Discovering your candidate’s motivations is all about knowing the right questions to ask to get the answers you need.

3. Communication is key

Maintaining communication with your candidate is paramount during the recruitment process to nurture your relationships and make them grow. Keep a continued presence in your network and update your candidates on suitable roles. Step out from behind your phone and actually go meet your candidates.

4. Manners are free

It should be a given that the cordial recruiter that treats their candidates with respect will get better results than the recruiter that doesn’t.

5. Never assume

Try to narrow the margin of chance so that you are in control of what’s going on and not recruiting with your fingers crossed. As the old adage goes, “assuming makes an ass out of you and me”.


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6. Prep your candidate

Before interviews, give your candidate a call and ensure they’re fully prepared. Not only will they appreciate this but it will also give you an insight of their interest for a role.

7. Give feedback

Provide feedback regardless of if they were successful or not. While a candidate may not be suitable for this position it doesn’t mean they won’t be for the next.

8. Always be closing

The trial close, the close and the re-close to name a few. With every point of contact recruiters should be building to a close, a deal is made long before a candidate formally signs.

9. Time kills deals

It’s a valuable commodity so don’t waste your candidate’s time. If a candidate is stalling when making a decision the opportunity will move on. Make sure a candidate’s cards are on the table and you know why they might be delaying.

10. Ensure a good experience

Reputation is a free and effective marketing tool, but can swing both ways. A poor candidate experience could hamper future business, while a satisfied candidate will give you free recommendation. Remember that today’s candidate could also be tomorrow’s client.

A good experience for your candidates partly boils down to whether or not your customer service is great or not. Here’s some customer service stats (75, to be precise) to inspire you to provide the best possible recruitment experience for your candidates.