Benefits of export finance

Quick guide: Export finance can play a big role in helping organisations to expand their reach.

Spotlight on awards

Spotlight on Awards: We're thrilled this year to be nominated for several industry awards (and we've already won one!).

Contract Recruitment: Let the Data Do The Driving

How resilient is the recruitment industry? Read this report for insights about how the industry fared in the past two years and its readiness for the times ahead.

Fraud in the Recruitment Sector – the Latest Trends

Fraud prevention in recruitment and consulting. Hear from Sonovate's expert on how to identify and prevent fraud
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How RecTech is supporting diversity in contract recruitment

Contract & contingent recruitment has always struggled with diversity. Find out how RecTech is supporting change & alignment with perm roles.
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Spotlight on Banking as a Service: Future of B2B Finance

Banking as a Service, or BaaS, is a relatively new kid on the block, but is quickly making waves. Find out more about the future of B2B finance.
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Brexit & Recruitment: Opportunity to Export your Recruitment Services?

Start seeing Brexit as an opportunity for your recruitment agency! Find out here how you could use it to export your recruitment services.
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Recruitment Funnel: Steps, Actions & Key Metrics

Discover what's needed in a recruitment funnel, including metrics, phases & actions. Optimise your recruitment funnel for the best candidates.
Future World of Work report launch

Future World of Work report: key trends from 4,500 people and 24 business leaders

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Candidate Behaviour is Changing – How Can Recruiters Keep Up?

Candidate behaviour & expectation is speeding up transformation of the recruitment sector & adoption of RecTech. How recruiters can keep up?
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Key trends and news: fintech investment and embedded finance

As summer draws to a close and the world gears up for a busy September, these are the three key trends and news you need to know.
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Key trends and news: hiring and remote jobs boom – the digital shift

The outlook is positive for recruitment, scaling businesses and jobseekers with a hiring boom and the trends of remote and hybrid working continuing.