Films provide a glimpse into other people’s lives and can change the way you think, the way you feel, and perhaps even the way you recruit.

Here are four films that every recruiter should find the time to watch:

Training Day

Aside from being a pretty good film with Denzel Washington at his finest, Training Day can teach a recruiter several lessons.

You may wonder how far the world of recruitment can relate to being caught between corrupt DEA detectives and murder but here it is…

In recruitment, as with a lot of careers, new recruits should learn from those with experience around them. Namely, who and who not to emulate. Listen, learn and grow.

Denzel highlights with slightly more consequence the risk of being taken advantage of by an overbearing boss. Even though you are unlikely to be framed for murder, the message is that in recruitment you need to trust your instincts and stick to them.

Chariots of Fire

A bit of an old classic here and a true British relic.

Teamwork plays a major role in recruitment as does ambition, which is why one of the most inspirational films of true teamwork and drive makes the list.

In recruitment you can’t settle for average, you have to strive to be the best at what you do or your time in the industry will likely be limited.

Finding your place in a team and working collaboratively is a major factor of recruitment as the nature of the industry means you are likely to be working, socialising and growing with these people.

Boiler Room

A list of ‘must see’ recruiter films would not be much of a list without either Boiler Room or Glengary Glenn Ross featuring on the bill.

Vin Diesel, Giovanni Ribisi and Ben Affleck starring in a crime thriller that was based on the same Jordan Belfort, whose autobiography was later adapted into Wolf of Wall Street.

It challenges the morality behind hard selling and influencing of people in order to earn money.

Recruitment focuses largely on selling roles to candidates and objection handling, which at some point is going to bring this question to the fore.

Wolf of Wall Street

In the rare chance that you haven’t actually seen this film, watch it. It is based largely on the life and antics of Jordan Belfort, during his rise through the Stock Market and includes a star studded cast and director.

Recruitment can be a glamorous career for its high performers which is largely driven by KPI’s and rewards. This could be taken as a cautionary tale to not over indulge in the fast-paced life of recruitment and to always ensure that come 8.30 on a week day you are sat ready and productive at your desk.

This is by no means an exhaustive list or a top four, it’s simply four great films that recruiters should find the time to watch.

What’s your favourite film for recruiters?

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